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Bad report card… July 10, 2008

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Last week, I blogged about CGMS needing to be covered by insurance companies to prevent things from happening like the car accident I had this past spring.  I have been seeing my endo more frequently sice then.  Right after the accident, my endo recommended me keeping my numbers higher so that I could regain the feeling of being low when I was higher.  He wanted my pre-meal numbers between 120 – 140 and post meal numbers higher than that. 

This was a huge blow to my ego.  I have worked so hard on my control for so long.  My A1c’s have been in the 6’s since 2003.  And in the 5’s when I was pregnant.  I knew it would be hard to see the higher numbers.  I didn’t want to do it, but my endo said there wasn’t an option.  The alternative was having another episode and possible suffering permanent neurological damage as a result. 

So I have spent the past few months running slightly higher.  And the result at my endo appointment yesterday?  An A1c of 7.4.  I was so shocked, I have not had one this high in a long time.  It is really hard to swallow even though I know that I am just doing what I am told.  That number really defines how I feel about my success as a diabetic.  Good a1c, I’ve done a good job.  Bad a1c, I have been slacking and need to work harder.  It is a report card to me. 

On a better note, running higher has eliminated the bad lows I was having before.  I don’t download my data enough from my pump, but looking at the reports that I printed for my appointment, it looks like I haven’t had a bg lower than 60 in a few weeks.  And, truth be told, a few times last week I felt low, and saw a 61 on my meter.  Before I was not feeling them until at least 45.  Before this, I would not even test most times because if I felt low, I knew I was really low.  So my endo was pleased with this development.  He said that a 7.4 was not a huge sacrifice for eliminating the bad lows.  So I do have to feel good about that.