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Making the Low Go… May 13, 2010

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I’m a few days behind, but want to try to keep up with Diabetes Blog Week.  Day Two’s topic is “Making the Low Go”.  I have vivid memories of the first orange juice I used to drink when I was low.  Specifically, I remember the night when my mom went into labor with my brother and sister.  My father sat me down in the waiting room, put two of these Donald Duck OJ’s in front of me and said “Drink this if you feel shaky.”  I spent the next few hours entertaining an elderly couple by doing cartwheels…


After Donald Duck OJ, I think I moved on to other things like BD Glucose Tablets and that horrible gel that I cannot remember the name of. I feel like it came in a foil-like tube. The standard was always OJ at home.

Fast forward to present day and I think somewhere around the introduction of carb counting (a.k.a. you can eat what you want as long as you bolus appropriately for it) all reason went out the door. Things also seemed to get worse when I got married and my husband introduced all sorts of things in our house that I avoided buying at the grocery stores because my will power is zilch.  So surrounded by seasonal goodies (chocolate easter egg things, girl scout cookies, etc.) things get dicey for me.  It seems I have no problem getting my numbers up, it’s just keeping them from sky rocketing the opposite direction. 

Case in point.  A few nights ago I wake up feeling not right.  I decided if I felt low then I best start treating asap, so attempting to be responsible I grabbed the costco sized glucose tabs container on my nightstand (favorite flavor is tropical fruit!).  I down 4, sit back and try to wait for things to go back to normal.  I still feel lowish about 10 min later so I test and am 58.  At that point, I panic and head to the kitchen.  Things never go well if I head to the kitchen in the middle of the night.  Still trying to be responsible, I drink a juice box.  Five minutes later the red velvet cupcakes I had made with my daughter are staring at me.  I am still in panic mode, so I eat one.  I bolus for the cupcake, but still wake up at 265.


One Response to “Making the Low Go…”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Well that doesn’t seem fair at all – you bolused for that cupcake for goodness sake!

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