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Just when you needed your dexcom most… November 5, 2009

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My husband left for a business trip today.  I worry about being by myself for a few nights, especially since hypoglycemia unawareness is an issue for me.  No problem, though – I have my trusted dexcom to keep me safe!  Or so I thought until I got home from work and checked out my receiver.

dexcom goes kaput

#'s are MIA

 Of course this happens on the day I need you the most!  The thing is spitting out the dreaded ???’s.  And this one has been in for 24 hours, so I really expected more from it and this point.  So I’ve shut it down restarted it, and am awaiting the night time calibration wake up call that is coming my way. 

 I have heard others chatting about the series of bad sensors they’ve gotten from dexcom recently.  I seem to be in a similar pattern.  Mine have been stubborn, usually a few restarts and I can get them to start throwing out accurate #’s, but why the frustration with the first few days?  I am looking forward to exhausting this supply and getting a new 3 month shipment. 

Here’s hoping for a good night’s sleep…


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