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persistent highs… November 4, 2009

Filed under: BG numbers — Emilie @ 2:25 am

The past week my CGMS has been alarming non-stop.  I haven’t slept more than 3 hours at a time.  For the past three days, I wake up feeling like I haven’t slept.  I am in the throws of a THREE DAY long persistent high. 

For example, two days ago – I woke up to a lovely 273.  After bolusing 4 units, I’m only down to 180 two hours later.  I see double down arrows on my CGMS and figure maybe I could get by with eating some breakfast.  I find a BG friendly granola bar, punch in the carbs into the handy-dandy bolus wizard, and hope for the best.  Only to be foiled by another screech putting me on notice I’ve spiked over 200 AGAIN. 

Today I started to feel a scratchy feeling in my throat, and an achey malaise.  I suppose this may just be my body telling me I am about to be sick.  I gave in yesterday and started cranking up my basals.  Yesterday, I was down to running in the 140’s all the time.  Another increase and I’m back down to the 100’s for most of today.   So, crisis averted for now, but how long would you have waited until you fixed the problem?  I tend to sit on these things for a while to be sure the pattern that has emerged really is a pattern.  Sometimes life likes to throw me a diabetes curve ball and change the pattern just when I think I’ve figured it out.  

And then, once I get enough nerve to make the basal change…it’ll reverse itself and it’s a mad dash to undo all of my work I agonized over.  Why do we have to ride these roller coasters all of the time?


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