25 and Counting

Daylight Savings November 3, 2009

Filed under: complications — Emilie @ 2:58 am

Daylights savings…I think this meant little to me up until a few years ago when my eye issues started.  You see, one of the side effects of laser treatment is loss of night vision and glare from lights.  Having about 3,000 laser spots burned into the peripheral of both retinas means that I suffer both issues in the dark.  

And so, life is grand during the summer.  Sometimes it stays light out until 8:30!  I still have really good vision in one eye, and have been able to retain my drivers license.  I am a free person in the summer, being able to drive wherever I want.  I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  Heck, at times it feels like things are almost back to normal. 

It is the winter months I am reminded of how much my vision sucks and how permanent what happened really is.  I can get from my metro stop to my house, but that is only because I drive it every day, know the streets are well enough lit, and do not have to be able to see the lines of the lanes because I drive it so often.  My car just knows where it is supposed to go.  I am thankful every day that I live near a city with a subway system because working in the city, I can retain that bit of freedom.  But I do not live inside the city, in a suburb about 15 miles away.  It is a perfect, quiet place to raise a family.  But it is dark. 

Today marks the start of this dark season.  I am lucky that my daughter requires nothing more of me right now than my attention when I get home.  But what about when she is older and has extra curricular activities?  I found myself looking for religious school programs online the other day, and one consideration is street lighting.  I didn’t want my husband to be the sole person capable of picking her up and dropping her off, so I need to find a place that has well-lit streets between our home and the school.  I felt bad for my daughter, that I had to put myself ahead of her needs.


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