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A big week… July 22, 2008

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This week is going to be a big one.  Physically and emotionally…

On Thursday, I am going to NYC for an appointment with another retina specialist.  This will be the 3rd opinion I’ve gotten in the past two years on my retinopathy.  Unfortunately, there is some traction on my left retina (after a vitrectomy last year, LOTS of laser, and avastin injections).  I am anxious about this appointment because I fear that the result may be more surgery.  Or worse, that nothing can be done.  This is my good eye I am working on, my right one had a bad detachment 2 years ago, and it doesn’t function well on its own.  

I’m also going to be asking this retina specialist about a second baby.  I think that I have come to the conclusion that even if he says there’s no reason for me not to get pregnant again, I may opt for other means to having baby #2.  I admit I am not in the best place emotionally right now, and I know that I need a lot of cash in my emotional bank to get me through a diabetic pregnancy.  With baby #1 going to preschool in the fall, getting potty trained (another challenge in iteself!), working full time, AND taking care of myself, I think I may be stretching myself too thin. 

So this appointment is a big deal.  I am hoping it will give me an idea of what the next year will mean for me.  Or not, so I can know and move on.


2 Responses to “A big week…”

  1. Karen Says:

    Wow, that is a big week – and a big appointment. I’ll be sending positive thoughts down to NYC for you!!!! I know it’s scary, but you should be very proud that you are taking the steps you need to take and doing everything you can to keep yourself healthy. Good for you!!!!

  2. Suzanne Says:

    You are having a big week! I have eye problems, too and have had laser once in each eye, but I am afraid it is getting worse in my left. I took my A1C down from 11 to 8 and hopefully now down even further, but I hear you aren’t supposed to do it fast, for the sake of your eyes…

    When I have scary appointments I just try to convince myself that it is just to get the information I need to be healthy. Without that information, things will only get worse because I can’t make sure I treat whatever it is. I try to just put it into a black and white perspective. Info means I KNOW what is going on, so it can only be a good thing in the long run. (I know, easier said than done, huh??)

    You are very strong for even going to the appointment!! Doing that is the hardest point! I will be thinking about you on your big day!

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