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In search of new real estate… June 18, 2008

Filed under: CGM's,insulin pumps — Emilie @ 1:50 am

My pursuit of better bg numbers has led me to a real estate issue  I do not have enough stomach space to comfortably wear an infusion set and sensor in my stomach, AND have my pump clipped to my waist…Sommething had to give, so I have spent the past week experimenting with new sites for my infusion set.

I thought for sure, it would hurt to jab a big old infusion set into anything but my stomach, but I’ve been surprised.  I started last week with my leg.  It felt fine, and didn’t bother me at all, but got really red on day three.  (I won’t tell you how long I usually go in between site changes, it’s really not healthy.) 

So, on to the next leg.  This site went in over the weekend, and involved a couple of trips to our neighborhood pool.  I decided I was going to suck it up, and sport my pump accesories on the outside.  I typically have an inufsion set in my stomach, and my pump clipped to a the bottoms of a tankini, so it’s not too obvious.  But with the infusion set on my leg, and the tubing visible, it was a little scary.  I ended up doing it, and truth be told, in the kidie pool, parents are more focused on their kids than anyone’s mediccal devices, so I felt ok with it.

Enter night before last.  My leg site that i was so proud of was hurting.  It started out a little concerning in morning, then moved quickly to the anything above a 2 unit bolus would send shooting pains in my entire thigh category.  When I pulled it, a big blob of puss came gushing out (eeew, sorry).  I have never had an infusion set do this to me, and two days later there is still a welt in the spot that hurts to the touch.   

So I was back to square one…where else could I sstick one of these things?  I started thinking back to my childhood shots, and came up with my hip.  I busted out the IV prep wipe, cleaned the area, and jabbed it in.  Fortunately, my husband was near bc I could not figure out how to pull the needle out on my own.    With his help, my hip site has been holding steady for a few days now.  i think it will be good at the pool, too, since it conceals everything. 

So, I am pleased with my real estate venture so far.  I think I’ll come up with something that allows me to wear this darned sensor and be a bit more comfortable. 


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